Monday, October 29, 2012

IMUNURI Prompt: Line Drawing

by Lauren Ari
This week, try this process for creative writing.

First, start in a quiet space. Give yourself time free of distractions. You might meditate or ruminate for a little while about what questions or stories or content is feeling energized for you.

When you touch pen or pencil to paper, make a drawing instead of writing with words. Allow the drawing to happen. You might scribble fast or trail out a line slowly. You might make shapes or lines or dots. It could be abstract or figurative. The main this is: allow.

When the drawing feels finished, write your words on the same piece of paper, over the drawing, or around it, coordinating with the picture or clashing with it.

If possible, scan or photograph the poem for your post; otherwise transcribe and post the poem.

keywords: poem, your handle, drawing

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