What is IMUNURI?

I M U N U R I.
I am you and you are I.

Poetry--and creative expression in general--has the power to melt the lines around what we think of as ourselves. In the process of creating and creatively sharing, we can blur our boundaries and connect with the fundamental truth that we are not separate. That's where the name comes from.

What's the blog about?
IMUNURI.blogspot.com is a collaborative poetry and creativity blog. Its engine is sparked and resparked by a wish to offer regular inspiration for creative writers and thinkers. Here, contributors and visitors can find ideas for creative experimentation as well as a welcoming, supportive venue for sharing what they make.

What do you do here?
Each week, the blog's coorganizers post a creative direction, instruction or experiment. The prompt could relate to subject matter, style, tone, or technique, or to the physical act or situation of creativity.

Some past prompts have been:
- Take a walk, find a piece of trash, and write about it.
- Write a poem about the dark.
- Write a poem while standing in a doorway.
- Poetry can save the world. Discuss.
- Sing yourself
- Respond to a quote from Adrienne Rich, a poem by William Stafford, an artwork of your choice...

How can I participate?
Responses are typically poems--in the broadest sense of the word. Postings have been stream-of-conscious, formal, prosaic, visual, rhythmic, long, short, and sideways.

You are invited to contribute. We rotate our contributors list seasonally, and even if you are not on it, you are welcome to post responses to any prompt in the comments section after the prompt.