Thursday, September 30, 2010

Door to Window; Seen to Unseen

Go to the window. Take some time there. 

Then write about something you sense through your window, but can't see from where you are looking.

Please take this (and all prompts) as you will. Your window may be a meditative space, a pool of water, someone's eye, or a photograph, as easily as a physical window. You might interpret "something you can't see" as something out of sight, something ephemeral, something abstract, or even something wholly visual, but described in non-visual terms. This isn't to over-think the assignment, only to empower each of us to ways that any prompt can generate inspiration.

This week, let's try posting as unique blog entries instead of as comments to this prompt. Then we can decide which we like better. When you put your posting up, assign the keyword "window" to your post to help support site index-ability.

"Beyond Limitation" by Lauren Ari

Friday, September 24, 2010

equinox: aquarium

when the doorway becomes a gaping gulf
and i, upturned, go swimming down into the gully of
my life,
i swim past fish bellies
synchronously gliding,
my life an aquarium blue.

i don't know the names of the beings
whose arms sprinkle guidance daily—
i sense their immensity,

this aquarium, this room
seems to hold my world
but at the season's doorway,
i sense greater presence:
the expanse beyond
invisible glass
that contains, protects, constrains me.

perhaps the wheel of time—equinox and solstice—
marks out the equipoise of knowing this space and sensing beyond.

are these time's doorways into ocean?

Scooter Cascadia

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inaugural Prompt: Autumnal Equinox 2010 - A Doorway Into Balance

For this inaugural prompt of our creative time together, during this time of change to autumn, we are invited to write about balance: how is this time of year a doorway? Stand in a doorway to write the first words of your poem.

NASA's blue doorway