Saturday, September 24, 2011

I (earth)

I (earth)

I (earth) sit on my deck under my sun
& hear sounds of children on the playground yelling, shrieking and bellowing
crows sound from above squawking
autumnal train whistles resound
my sun warms me, soft September breezes brush my skin with the moment’s liquid butter filming

“Accept the things,”  I (earth) cannot change
 My orbit
 My people
 Population growth
 My sun
 All things water
 All things fire
 All things air

Grant me (earth) the courage to “change the things I can”
My belief
  in my power over the universe
  in my everlasting existence
My resentment
  of my dependence on the sun to sustain life on my terms
  of  water/fire and air that do as they please
  of the overwhelming weight of gravity

& “the wisdom to know the difference”
between heaven and earth

Friday, September 23, 2011

Poetry DNA Retina, or "all like earth"

All the poems for the past three years, all the words, 36 thousand 5 hundred and 39 plus of them, each one an eyeball of time, a species of momentary flashdrive on the retina of the heart of the world, form an all-seeing eye, for which EARTH is the pupil, the black hole of knowing and from which i can see everything clearly now

these are the refrigerator magnets of my perception and locution...


all like earth
a meta-poem

long time moon
body open
night rain making
healing rock | old life
long time moon
days again moon words
river space | hands dance
cloud take light
now come, like life

like through the heart,
one space more for
dark, kind, world poems:
people's bodies need the moon.

dream | poem | breath | fire
water knowing | wind sense
now walk, come cloud
the small blue year
(first full song before ocean)
(take light heart, air)
the small blue year
something between creation:


put your poems together and see your world... e.g. or another recommended of the many word cloud generators

From eyeball earth

"From eyeball earth"

--After Gertrude Stein

The trouble in both eyes
does not come from
the same symmetrical carpet,
it comes from there being no more
disturbance than in
little paper.

one FIELD is the over-arch
of dark endless-out sky,
all to all going out to dark lighting
onward there, just there,
nothing else but everything

one OBJECT is ground,
a ground,
created thing,
flat pavement, runway,
moving machine,
distant whirling of
light machines

one LAYER is reflective
bounce of light on air,
masking both
field and object:
someone approaches--their image
in light traces on glass,
words on a sign
some mechanical shadow of
a mechanism

and then there's
one other SOMETHING...

an aspect I can't sense to name--
the witnessing-ness
the earthing thing,
the hold that releases this,
some kind of verb,
some kind of numberless

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prompt: Earth Eye, Globe-Eye, World Vision

What if our eyes are small globes, the earth holographically embedded in our eyes? Write as if you are seeing through the point of view of the Earth inside. Your eye is the globe, what do you see? What is the vision of Earth?

Tags: globe-eye, poem, [poet's handle]

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IMUNURI prompt: exlamations

Create and post something that contains exactly three exclamation points.

Keywords: poem, exclamation, your name

Friday, September 9, 2011

gravity is a form of love/the heart dentist

i. bird song and planet spin

down the long rills and funnels of bird song
into the headblasting wind of the new day
as the earth furls and twists
her daily spin.

here, in these parts, i don't know the songs
of these birds. their sudden pats and thrills:
how they wake me, as if i'm on the wrong planet.
some of them seem to be complaining.

others startle the whole sky with lyric.
i point my head east and feel the wind of how
we are turning in the galaxy in a slow whinnying
corral of sun spinning. gravity is a form of love.

ii. the heart dentist

extraction, dental or of the heart variety,
is best done quickly. some people find pain comforting.
i hope you can't see the gaping hole
in my chest

left by the heart dentist, how come they were
all out of anaesthesia when you started dying
quicker than we all are? is your planet spinning
faster now, in a diminishing gyre,
a downward

Monday, September 5, 2011

Prompt: After The Dentist

Watch (or rewatch) this viral video.

David After Dentist

With what you see, hear and feel
as your starting point,

write something.

keywords: poem, dentist, [your handle]