Submissions & Community

IMUNURI is a community of poets, specifically invited to join for the duration of a season. We are a network of friends with a permeable membrane. While everyone is invited to respond to prompts and post poems here, we are conscious of keeping our active contributors list small and hand-selected.

If you are interested in joining IMUNURI as a contributing poet because you like what you read here--our experimentation and openness, our devotion to craft and rule breaking, our transpersonal, risk-taking gestalt--then by all means, do this:  email with your interest and 3-5 samples of your best work that jibe with our style. Your poems will be vetted by Scooter and Daniel Ari, the founding members.

If you are inspired to post a poem right now, please do! Any guest may post creative works and responses in the comments section of each prompt. Simply click on "comments" below the prompt to post yours. (You may need to sign in, and Blogger seems to prefer gmail accounts.)

Thank you!