Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mistaken happen Stance or happy mistakes

the puck is further north
under a linden wood tree
waiting to be slammed home

the gravestone blank
picks up the story long dead
& gone up the Rogue River

The writing on walls left
to awaken at a finish line
in two-bit time

Honor them & give them
space to steal
or change into something mistaken

strike a happen stance
with the Siskiyou salmon
swimming upstream now.

springing off the cliff near april fools

The fool in the Tarot is pictured as a jouncy journeyer with a bag tied to a stick, sometimes with a dog, sometimes poised at/over the edge of a cliff. What does this spring fool you into doing? How is a poet a wise fool going over the edge? How do we land? What is in the valley below? Spark and revery off the Fool and offer us some word delight for our spring journey...

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Image credit: Rider Waite Smith original Fool tarot card, 1909, public domain from Wikimedia Commons

the foetal arc of dream

what of the part that hurries to escape, that wants to turn from this eostar yodeling beautiful day and crawl back into the foetal arc of dream?

or who cannot help rising 5am before anything anyone everyone everything has breathed back to life from the small death petit mort of dream and sleep?

who else knows we are here, looming lurking above our bodies?
potentialities unfolding, amorphous, possible, lurking?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Written on Nowruz

The old book fell off the shelf as we were cleaning up to move.
We picked it up, the book we wrote together back when
we would streak through the backyard, looking for plums.
That book we wrote together came loose and fell onto my foot.
We picked it up and sat on the coffee table in the office to crack
its shell of dust. There were the pictures, and there were the words.
That book had butterflown face down onto the fortunes we told.
Now we read divination in the drawings and poems, what we agreed:
that we want more, that we can wake up together and everything else
must wait, because the drawing together must be done and done first.

I had two drafts, and chose the latter, and that’s the record in the book.
You had looked out your studio window just as I was walking up.
Do you want to try, too? The invitation in color, open wide,
arriving down the garden stairs with flowers and wine,
reading from the floor, for ten nights, since that’s what it took:
waiting for the press and the bus and the wand to wave to make

the book fall from the shelf while we are cleaning up,
tidying for a move, that book that we made together coming
down like paper snow, no words on the spine, forgotten beside
an obsolete print dictionary we got before things went online.
Before we had kids, we wrote that book. Here’s proof we did:
pictures in the texture of trust, words in a coy dance
venturing forth with small silent steps to ring the meditation bell.
It is our book we made back when the umbrella lady balanced
on the line and we fell with absurd abandon into each refrain.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


eostar carries eggs in her

blossom stepping blessing

dance hands, she makes even

blossom husks in spring blush

windy, refulgent, raucous blossom

blustering a kind of eggshell


she passes over my body lightly

and nests inside, my heart a roost

for the flowery fool god

desses: who else makes an art of breaking?

open: spring

Monday, March 19, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: reckless writing

Happy Verbal Accidents To You!

This week, set yourself to make mistakes while writing. START EARLY ON THIS!

If you're typing, set your font size to 1. Type the poem very fast in a font so small that you can’t read it as you go.

If you write by hand, cover your hand and the page with a towel, or write in pitch darkness—and quickly.

You could try using your non-dominant hand, or writing while doing something else—like exercising, grocery shopping, dancing or gardening. You might try writing with a pen that barely works or a pencil with the lead worn down too far.

Dash something out, then put it aside for a couple of days. THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD START EARLY.

Come back later to see what you wrote.
Increase the font size to a readable scale.
Examine your handwritten scratches and decode or recall them as you can, letting go of or re-inventing what is indecipherable.

Work the writing into a poem paying special attention to the things you can't understand, the typos, the accidents. Honor them and give them space to stand unchanged or to change into something you would not have written intentionally.

Happy mistakes!

keywords: reckless, your name, poem

untitled (music of a mockingbird)

music of a mockingbird spring
takes my long longing for a nest

rain ostinato transforming
bare trees to young horses

we reminisce ourselves from shelves,
shine out impatience and impatiens

lose under the mud for now and ever
the path back to that old anxious center

Monday, March 12, 2012

Prompt: Healing Poem Star

How can early spring rejuvenate and heal us?

The Star Card in the tarot pictures the power of
starlight as guide and balm and
offers the healing powers
of water.

Sanctuary. Blessing. Healing...

How is poetry a healer?
What are the imaginal waters/
waters of imagination
you are finding
to heal?

Keywords: poem, star, [poet's moniker]

Image credit: swath of the original Rider-Waite-Smith 1909 Star tarot card (public domain)

international wom's day

are cheerleaders the new greek chorus? and why are women

so often relegated there. woms can affirm and support but what about

some goddesses with pompom flower power renouncing patriarchy:

each in her own words, the particular incantations and rhymes of

personal experience whittling her brilliance to catalytic chants

in dialects of polyrhythm like breathing not like war marches

once in the ear and heart now blossoming. because of her we're never the same

don't make the teachers be women droning at the front of the class, lucy

i am glad we know a different way that doesn't harm to move us along:

that's an ancient art, worth remembering, carried on

intergenerational matrilineal phoneless cords

via the walkie talkies of our core knowing,

outfurling spring blossoms that trill and blossom

in our own mouths and minds. we are always being

birthed and breathed by she we all gaia yes

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cysteine Chapelle

for d. a. c.

1. Dolores LaChapelle is a daoist skiier goddess who surfs the milky way

2. also when i'm on the phone today with the person from whom i learn
who knew her and taught with her
i ask him how he can hold the ball of qi while holding the ski sticks
when he says you can taiqi ski
he says it's smaller

3. i'm thinking
that's what it is, we are macromolecules to the anthills of heaven,
the local galaxies are lungs and we're inside that, living on a breathing blue bronchiole earth

white frosting on the lizard skin of gecko gaia is (clouds) all the water that's not in oceans
or roiling down the sides of rocks slid up to touch the sky, a small part of the
toroidal big bang, luminal with fang and froth

4. the milky way is a snow
path for galactic snowboarding

we're all surfing the fine edge of big blossom (why bang? why not flowers).

5. it's his 38th turn of earth round sol. for his birth-day he asks
can i guess what is his favorite amino acid? i go from taurine (no)
to dinosaurs, effortlessly mindboarding across scales of fate place and time,
because aren't dinosaurs macroscalar amino acids? i'm thinking taurine
and tyrannosaurus; i guess cytosine (like pachalosaurus) but
he gives me a hint, it's got sulfhydryl groups
(riding the skateboard of creation) - then another hint:
suddenly we're inside the sistine chapel, and cysteine blossoms forth,
from the cosmic froth. we are always holding up the vaults of stars, of
light coming brightly, whether nebula, nova, or swirl:

we're all flowering always, posies in bright gardens of spacetime
skiing out, holding the burgeoning balls of universes between our
skisticks through the swerving curve of days, slalom left,
curve right. we hold each other in the space between our palms,
a galactic dervish, an amino aside tau-neutrino tyrosine tyrannosaurus lex
icon of motion and swerve across the universe's packed delights.

you and i holding hands in full moon night are like gene pairs twizzling
and the epigenes that hold them tight. unfurling and condensing,
inside this cysteine chapelle surfskiblossoming the long luscious delight
of galactic night.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

inside all our molecules

inside all our molecules

i wrote my story
microverbs in miniverse


“self-same there”
“self-same here”
                   A.F. Negm

atom scoped
proteins sewn in
molecular zippered eyes (i’s) open
to see
     into the micro-wounded ego drawn dialogue dagger
stuck deep
    speaking in tongues.

Torus point

At one point that is not a point,
infinitudes of quantum foam
bracket the mote this universe
enfolds, its hypothetical

entire, an interior
at one point that is not a point—
beyond knowable and smaller
than physical sense—outfolding

to reveal what’s contained inside
what’s contained within—and all this
at one point! That is not a point
one can render with certainty—

but you can be swallowed timeless
through the very center of things.
You might see you have always been
at one point (that is not a point).

Monday, March 5, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: inside the molecule

From physorg.com
What goes on in the microworld? What is happening within proteins? What worlds and wonders unfold inside molecules and atoms?

This week, your creative imagination is as powerful a microscope as you need. Zoom in
and observe. Then report on what you experience there.

keywords: microscope, poem, your name

For inspiration:
The Scale of the Universe

[use arrow keys to zoom in and out]

From Macro to Micro in 44 images