Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cysteine Chapelle

for d. a. c.

1. Dolores LaChapelle is a daoist skiier goddess who surfs the milky way

2. also when i'm on the phone today with the person from whom i learn
who knew her and taught with her
i ask him how he can hold the ball of qi while holding the ski sticks
when he says you can taiqi ski
he says it's smaller

3. i'm thinking
that's what it is, we are macromolecules to the anthills of heaven,
the local galaxies are lungs and we're inside that, living on a breathing blue bronchiole earth

white frosting on the lizard skin of gecko gaia is (clouds) all the water that's not in oceans
or roiling down the sides of rocks slid up to touch the sky, a small part of the
toroidal big bang, luminal with fang and froth

4. the milky way is a snow
path for galactic snowboarding

we're all surfing the fine edge of big blossom (why bang? why not flowers).

5. it's his 38th turn of earth round sol. for his birth-day he asks
can i guess what is his favorite amino acid? i go from taurine (no)
to dinosaurs, effortlessly mindboarding across scales of fate place and time,
because aren't dinosaurs macroscalar amino acids? i'm thinking taurine
and tyrannosaurus; i guess cytosine (like pachalosaurus) but
he gives me a hint, it's got sulfhydryl groups
(riding the skateboard of creation) - then another hint:
suddenly we're inside the sistine chapel, and cysteine blossoms forth,
from the cosmic froth. we are always holding up the vaults of stars, of
light coming brightly, whether nebula, nova, or swirl:

we're all flowering always, posies in bright gardens of spacetime
skiing out, holding the burgeoning balls of universes between our
skisticks through the swerving curve of days, slalom left,
curve right. we hold each other in the space between our palms,
a galactic dervish, an amino aside tau-neutrino tyrosine tyrannosaurus lex
icon of motion and swerve across the universe's packed delights.

you and i holding hands in full moon night are like gene pairs twizzling
and the epigenes that hold them tight. unfurling and condensing,
inside this cysteine chapelle surfskiblossoming the long luscious delight
of galactic night.

1 comment:

  1. your surfers continue to amaze me as they curl...I like the ending lines a lot...
    "inside this cysteine chapelle surfskiblossoming the long luscious delight
    of galactic night."