Monday, March 12, 2012

international wom's day

are cheerleaders the new greek chorus? and why are women

so often relegated there. woms can affirm and support but what about

some goddesses with pompom flower power renouncing patriarchy:

each in her own words, the particular incantations and rhymes of

personal experience whittling her brilliance to catalytic chants

in dialects of polyrhythm like breathing not like war marches

once in the ear and heart now blossoming. because of her we're never the same

don't make the teachers be women droning at the front of the class, lucy

i am glad we know a different way that doesn't harm to move us along:

that's an ancient art, worth remembering, carried on

intergenerational matrilineal phoneless cords

via the walkie talkies of our core knowing,

outfurling spring blossoms that trill and blossom

in our own mouths and minds. we are always being

birthed and breathed by she we all gaia yes

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