Monday, June 23, 2014

IMUNURI Prompt: Write Without Paper

In the next two weeks, try this writing technique:
instead of putting implement to paper to write, then revisiting what you've written to revise,
write an entire poem in your memory.

It will help to recite the poem to yourself as you write it, to commit lines to memory before you add new lines.

You might also write stanza by stanza if that's easier, completing each before jotting it down and moving on to the next.

What choices will you make to help you compose a poem in your memory before writing it on paper?

TAGS: your name, poem, memorize

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dead calm

Dead Calm

Parle de ses doigts a fusil
(speak of your trigger fingers)

lengths gone
over the lines
longer thans
vanishing horizons
gulf streams
la langue qui s’enlarge
(the tongue that grows)
la faim sans vide
(the bottomless hunger)

a mime in a rowboat

dead calm

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dolce accelerando

By the time I get to North Beach, my skin is sliding against my skin
It’s late spring and hot, and the only thing I need is gelato—
Kahlua with dark chocolate chunks and chocolate-covered almonds—
so cold—milk coffee caramel thick, licked in the shade so slow.
I scrape the bottom, and I get up to walk back downtown.

I decide to have a cookie, too. I am so
vanquished that later I also gulp a peach
and feel that falling compulsion I know
from bodysurfing at Sandy Beach.
In salt surge and sugar siphon,

I stand and stroke while each wave
eats me up, foraging,
back-bending creature,
pushing the verge,
pushed below

one large

Craig Damlo

Monday, June 9, 2014

IMUNURI Prompt: MoodTempo

Check out this list of musical
"mood markings with a tempo connotation."

You can scroll up or down for more inspiration
from musical terms and directions.
Choose a term from this page as your poem's title
or part of the title;
then write the poem.

With Fire: Allegro con brio

Playfully: Scherzo leggiero

Stately: Maestoso

keywords: your monicker, poem, moodtempo

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gathering Herd

Mint-breathed Creature saga continued

a pasture
to invite others to
enjoy & gather in
may lead to a mint-breathed creature
crossed with  a four legged labordite (hairless, thin skinned, large brained)
& then who will greet the world in their aftermath
Le Bagondelle (only commonality four legged)

quick witted & drama driven
with a passion for red poppies
Mint-breathed creature’s love had no reserve &
Mate held back no touch (such luxurious long curly hair Baggie wore)
Ah what a spoiled childhood Le Bagondelle indulged...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The limeronnet

There once was a bottlenose whale
who had wings thrice as long as her tail.
She could break from the sea
quite effortlessly

and sail through the heavenly veil
while scouting the waves for sea kale.
Her home in the firmament
became semi-permanent—

she only splashed down to avail
herself of some calm in a gale.
But in the clear weather
she stretched out her leather

and flew where the air was so rarefied
(leaving dozens of pilots quite terrified).

by Ashley McFarland AKA copperarabian