Friday, April 18, 2014


if I wake up just as you’re wrapping up your monologue
with a moaning mutter, a growl from below my tongue
that sets my toes and fingers trembling, my hand, leg,
epileptic apoplectic slapping against the floor, flailing
and beating like this skin itself is the leather, the rope
that snaps, beating the floor, oscillating, striking hard
enough to lift me into the air and slam me down again,
dropping books and crushing crystal glasses, ignorant,
tectonic, concussive, liver, intestine, spleen, gall—and
my lungs’ volume now screeched up to a deep scream,
Richter register violence knocking my self into a pulp—
and gone—like hot wind stealing away a piece of paper
on which is written the news, will you fetch it and read?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Imunuri Prompt: Elemental - Earthquake

scribe an offering 
inspired by the element of earth, rock, earthquake

what shakes in you, what moves your bedrock, what grounds you, and where is the ground shifting under you? what, if shifted in shaking, would be pulverized by your tremors? write earthquake.

[you can try incorporating one or more of these words if you like: ]

Tags: earthquake, epic-earth, poem, <poet's moniker>

Epic-Earth on Imunuri: An ongoing series of earth-related prompts as part of an Imunuri experiment to dwell repeatedly on a theme and its riffs, and/or the possible poetry challenge, bit by bit, of producing an epic or body of poems...

Image source:   San Andreas Fault. Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons.

small ripple

In tills which have been oriented by flowing water, fabric indicates the preferred orientation of the grains. Sedimentologists would refer to this as "imbrication."

         From the glacier glossary,

outward, small ripple
blue ice molecule in my heart
glaciates and grows, what will
this rill of molten blue
portend for my
once warm hea(r)t?

city too long, cement
fatigues me, until
all feeling wanes
a dull throb at limb
i remember i once lived

glorious spangles sputter
into frozen butterflies
stalagtites shuttered
my core ablated, creaking

4. calving two automatons
where once i stood
turn-shifting in solid seas
casting a glacial surge 
cresting into the blue

glacial surge
A rapid forward movement of the snout of a glacier. Others describe it as rapid, wavelike downglacial ice movements which cause sudden advances of the ice margin.    From the glacier glossary,

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ascendant Face


back then
Blue ice glacier
  stretches to Tasman sea
   truly touches salted waters.

Cherry colored moths
  plunge wings toward
   surf’s self mire
  dip down waiver
   as vapor rises
    saved insect bathers.

Frozen mass 
 receded through rain
   forest millennium

900 feet upslope
’til today

helicopter tourists
 in yellow sunglasses
blazing green parkas

 ice pick vacationeers  
  chisel away
   at Franz Josef’s 
    ascendant face.