Thursday, April 10, 2014

small ripple

In tills which have been oriented by flowing water, fabric indicates the preferred orientation of the grains. Sedimentologists would refer to this as "imbrication."

         From the glacier glossary,

outward, small ripple
blue ice molecule in my heart
glaciates and grows, what will
this rill of molten blue
portend for my
once warm hea(r)t?

city too long, cement
fatigues me, until
all feeling wanes
a dull throb at limb
i remember i once lived

glorious spangles sputter
into frozen butterflies
stalagtites shuttered
my core ablated, creaking

4. calving two automatons
where once i stood
turn-shifting in solid seas
casting a glacial surge 
cresting into the blue

glacial surge
A rapid forward movement of the snout of a glacier. Others describe it as rapid, wavelike downglacial ice movements which cause sudden advances of the ice margin.    From the glacier glossary,

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