Monday, March 19, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: reckless writing

Happy Verbal Accidents To You!

This week, set yourself to make mistakes while writing. START EARLY ON THIS!

If you're typing, set your font size to 1. Type the poem very fast in a font so small that you can’t read it as you go.

If you write by hand, cover your hand and the page with a towel, or write in pitch darkness—and quickly.

You could try using your non-dominant hand, or writing while doing something else—like exercising, grocery shopping, dancing or gardening. You might try writing with a pen that barely works or a pencil with the lead worn down too far.

Dash something out, then put it aside for a couple of days. THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD START EARLY.

Come back later to see what you wrote.
Increase the font size to a readable scale.
Examine your handwritten scratches and decode or recall them as you can, letting go of or re-inventing what is indecipherable.

Work the writing into a poem paying special attention to the things you can't understand, the typos, the accidents. Honor them and give them space to stand unchanged or to change into something you would not have written intentionally.

Happy mistakes!

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