Wednesday, December 31, 2014

two poems with one heart shared with you-all


These that are things and not things both
They pepper the landscape
The landscape that is so and not so both
I walk amongst them
The I that is not an I after all, yet somehow is

It's not that I wonder about this apparent conundrum
As in feeling troubled or some kind of loss
Rather it is there or with it that I belong
Nothing of this casts me aside
All things that I am and am not Rest here

Whose favor would I garner
To look upon this any differently
Seeing is a communion after all
That each and every one of us
Has within the very fabric of being

Ultimately there is no such thing as compromise
And yet how often is there a sensation
Of All of This somehow tangled
Around my ankles that I possess
The I that has no counterpart

As we see through this aperture
Closure is a function of clarity
Focus celebrating the visual spectrum
Saturating this field in the unseen
An exposé of brilliance and crystallization

Open Open Open

This light pouring forth as everything
needs no on/off switch
Has no sign in the door
indicating readiness for business

And yet we play at the controls
and let us play
in the true order of things
transparent, wild, open without its opposite

This is Yes without a No
Form and formless seamlessly joined
Cacophony and symphony just as it is
We are playing this tune

Let us play
Let us play
No need to petition anything
Amongst this playground


  1. I am keeping this poems close, Janice. The feel like the poems I want to wake up to and read first thing. One of the many things I so love about your poems is the surprising power of your nouns. When you write poems about ontology and suddenly there are "ankles" -- I feel the teaching in my body, the curiosity, and an openness to being changed, turned, eddied by the words you choose.

  2. "open without its opposite" ... Yes >>> it is good to read your poetry again...I hear you...I see your sweet smile...across the waves >>> *J*