Wednesday, October 10, 2012

after "soundz" by zefrank

My parents always told me that I would clunk and kick against the wall at night while I slept. Now that my own 6-year old sleeps in the room next door, I know what they meant. Two or three hours after she's in bed and my wife and I lay down to sleep, we hear a clunk and a kick through the wall. I used to think it was the first notes of the song her feet make, touching the floor, padding through the hall to our room, where the vocal starts, high and plaintive: I had a bad dream, I’m thirsty, I heard a sound, or whatever variation the new night might bring. But now I know the sound is only a clunk and a kick, a brief stanza echoing her dreamscape through the meat of her body and the web of our home.

gong sounds clear as mint
long, round blessings in one room,
inside here, this tube

(The inspiration here.)

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