Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Wishy-Washy Wombat

Beware the wishy-washy wombat.
She comes out at night but wishes for daylight.
She burrows deeper the more she needs air.
She has so much to give 
that she tucks it all in her pouch.
She wishes and washes, left to right.  Right to left.
Can’t stay still.
She wishes and washes, front to back.  Back to front.
Fore and aft,
up and down,
she wishes and washes all over the town.

Just the sight of the wishy-washy wombat can make you
wonder if you’ve gone the right way
or the wrong way
or what way even means,

So if you see her coming, the best that you can do
is stand your ground
and ground your stance,
without grandstanding,
more with the simple grace
of knowing what you know
and choosing what you choose.
Then perhaps,
just maybe,
the wishy-washy wombat will look upon you
and find herself stilled
at last.

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