Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: Haibun

From Osho Zen deck
This week, let's try a formal challenge:
to write haibun.

Haibun consists of one or more paragraphs of prose poetry (or prose written in a poetic style) followed by one more more haiku.

Excerpted from wikipedia:

Haibun (俳文?, literally, haikai writings) originated in Japan. It was first used by the 17th century Japanese poet, Matsuo Bashō. Bashō’s shorter haibun include compositions devoted to travel, and others focus on character sketches, landscape scenes, anecdotal vignettes and occasional writings written to honor a specific patron or event.

Traditional haibun typically took the form of a short description of a place, person or object, or a diary of a journey or other series of events in the poet's life. A haibun may record a scene, or a special moment, in a highly descriptive and objective manner or may occupy a wholly fictional or dream-like space. The accompanying haiku may have a direct or subtle relationship with the prose and encompass or hint at the gist of what is recorded in the prose sections.
You can read samples here or Google haibun for more, if you're feeling lucky

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