Monday, October 15, 2012

rolling pin

written in downtown LA at sunrise

i wake inside a rectangle

write on lines, type in lines

go online

how to aver linearity and the quadrant
while boxed in by the grid?

i wedge down inside the grid line
i dive down in
i go down into the black ink, the river of darkness
i flow down this line to the 90 degree juncture
to the squeezing point
where thought has dominated nature
my nature thinking feeling nature human nature
this right angle is
wrong -- a strong mindvirus
i gather the qiforce of the flowline behind me
within the dark water canyon of black ink
black solder
it is easy to break, these lines
but i don't want to break outside the box
i want to morph the box itself
the box itself wants to morph:
who wants to be a square? 
a rectangle? 

the grid line ripples, wanting to move out of this strange strain
this kink in the flow
i take my rolling pin (tool of my foremothers)
and start the rolling process, rolling out the weak link
the weak juncture, the strange pinch
maybe 90 degrees is bees knees to the knee
the elbow, the crotch of the branch

but mostly round is stronger
cylinder tunnel uterine cervix globe sphere
oval arch vortex bubble flower petal bronchiole
elephant ear meander ocean earth
mostly round is stronger

so i curve my round fingers around this round rolling pin
this curving branch  this fine tool of the grandmothers
and i do as the corner asks, and roll it out, curve it round
spring it back to its curved sense
the grid smooths out, the black ink river, steel river
wave form morph shimmer back to its curved sense

still hefting the imaginal powerful
the rolling pin's fine smooth cusp in my cupped palm
i think to turn out the window into the LA dawn, 
will i still see buildings, just round instead of grid?
will the roads turn back to rivers, the cars canoes

or is there some other thing





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  1. So playfully imaginative! Once I could be in the presence of your superpower, I really enjoyed reading this one and had great visuals to accompany my perusal. Thank you Scooter... 'this fine tool of the grandmothers' Yeah!

    I also learned a new verb: aver