Saturday, October 20, 2012

Relocating Teeth and Other Things

Over the past six months or more I've purposely been dislocating my teeth in my upper bite from where they've been seated in my mouth for the past several decades. It's as if I've been dislocated in my nervous system prior to this and now I'm going through another kind of dislocation in order to re-locate.  I have guides assisting me in this re-location. There are always guides available for location, dislocation, re-location. Have you noticed?

If I had a story about this it might go like this:

Once upon a time, there was a girl whose mouth and all her teeth were none of her business, but of course they were, but they weren't because there are people in the world who used to think that children had no say in what happens to and with their bodies. It's as if the common assumption was shared that there are many people in the world that seem to know what is going on in other people's bodies, teeth, and other personal manifestations of their existence and there are others left out of the conversation.

In this world of that time, people are thinking in ways that things either fit into something called 'right' or something called 'wrong.' Different words can be substituted here, maybe words more fitting to the times and also possibly to the role of the people involved. The minds of people have been made up by things that they don't even see or know about. When the word small is used synonymously with insufficient, certain judgments prevail and those who are in the position of holding the conversation, directing actions accordingly move within the limitations of their perspective. Such is life. Such is life?

"Your daughter's mouth is too small for all her teeth."
    "What do we do about that?"
"We can extract some of her teeth. Not all her teeth are necessary."

From here on out in the story, I notice I don't want to make the rest of it up. I was party to having some of my baby teeth extracted and later four more adult teeth were extracted from my mouth. Was this something other than 'good' or 'bad?' Where could, would, did, does this story go?

Several years ago my system tested for opening up my bite, as my teeth had settled on touching down in a specific way such that my nervous system was getting stuck whenever I bit down or closed my jaw. Do you know how many times a day the bite settles? Too many to count basically. A bite appliance was made for my teeth so that my jaw could move freely and not just get stuck in that one position. I had been grinding my teeth, which was evident from the looks of some of my teeth.

My body responded positively to having this bite appliance made. This time around I asked my body and listened to what it was saying. Resting in this way over a few more years, again, my body called for another adjustment, this time the upper bite was asking to be shifted from the inside out. Now teeth in motion, upper and lower in some kind of consort. A different story was in the making after 30, almost 40 years of another way. A story without needing a story, perhaps?

Moon rises, reflects
The watercourse way, fulfills
Over under through

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