Monday, October 22, 2012

IMUNURI Prompt: Place

Choose a place as the subject of a poem.

Because this is a wide open prompt, here are some extra considerations, requisites, and options you can use or reject:

• Choose a place that starts with the same as your first or last name.
• Write your poem in a style particularly appropriate to the place.
• Avoid mentioning the name of the place in the poem.
• Choose a place you've never been.
• Write the same number of lines in your poem as there are letters in the name of the place.
• Create a picture of the place, or relating to it, to include in your post.
• Look up your place in Wikipedia, and find a passage to include as an epigraph.
• Write a narrative poem set in your place that names at least two characters.

labels: your name, poem, placematters


  1. I wrote a place prompt poem about drones & St. James Infirmary and chose not to post it

  2. Oh, & the poem has two characters Jade East (dresses so spiffily) and Dew West (slippery when wet).