Monday, October 15, 2012

Prompt: Superpower Shimmer and Morph

Mary Cowan, Shimmer [Painting]
Take something assumed to be true about something, and turn it inside out. Upend it. This week, you have super powers. So does all creation.* Enter the fabric of creation, and in the poem itself, change it. Make the change that matter or creation is already wanting to make, to bring about more life-giving wholeness, and encourage it. Nurture it. Name your superpower of morphing in the title of your poem, just to be extra clear. Keep it simple as you change the world - there can be many ripple effects. 

Labels: poem, shimmer, poet's moniker

* Actually, the planet always and everyday has superpowers anyway. I know, I know, all praise creation/the evolving bigbangiverse. Go with it. We are dramatizing the fibers of how the universe is evolving, and becoming more aware of our part in it, and that's a very good thing. 

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