Friday, October 26, 2012

Another me

Another me

lives on A and 8th in the East Village
and has talked to Bill Hader on the street
twice in the last two months. My sister, Marge,
raises an eyebrow and humphs her interest.
I teach her to eat soup dumplings, pigeon

eggs, pho… She pretends to like my setter,
Dwayne, who’s old now. Only daddy loves him,
though. Monday, Marge flies back for her retest,
and I wish her luck. She’s playing the game
I gave up for a career in magic.

My medical coverage—Ala ka-zam!—
Gone! And my law degree—Presto! Change-o!—
License to astound Junior—and bill mom.
Like a hanky, I’ve potential to grow.
Or, rather, like Dwayne’s favorite toilet trees.

Performing at kids’ parties, I feel no
regrets. Tots in strollers make me sigh, though.

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