Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spoken in Song (operatic)

how not to restrict a monkey's heaven
as her slanted forehead gives in kind
her concert of instinctual musicality
in the cadence of visceral return
of flesh folding over in memory
wading in lagoons of dark purple fear
collectively as she/we sing...
the voice that speaks the culture
the eyes that sight the surface
the play of light as it convinces

sound letters absorbed with dizzying virtuosity
or atonal lament
a smorgasbord of all soul's symphonic
the creature hold on gravity
sharp red pitch of  love's fiber
as it tickles the throat

a short deafening scream

sweet echo of ancient spleen

the dimpled melodic of grief in the lungs

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and so tender. So many lovely pairings and triplets... monkey's heaven, sharp red pitch, dimpled melodic. And I also like 'sweet echo of ancient spleen.' I enjoyed the rhythm and spaces (sound) between the words. Thank you, Rachel.