Thursday, June 14, 2012

“Konnektion is not a street fight” ~ quote by Brene Brown

As the front lies in a Kontinuum it's hard to see the sweat

display of

Salivating moral ambiguities
Akkurate to 500 million.

Future rightness for the benefit of ALL.
Digital money gum.....Warm gut spills.

Krumbs: are for one's very own Kradle.

Kourage: is vulnerability up klose.

Kollision with a full size glass House of God:  is Light sustaining Light.

Eichmann believed in the same sentimental notions
that the rest of us do
the Real in M A N .
Goats kreating silk stronger than steel.
Knight and maiden and their inkorruptable love.


  1. welcome Rachel of the balcony... I am glad you have blogged in...*J*

    1. Thanks for the formal welcome "J"
      I send kind regards from the balcony!
      Have been enjoying your writing....

      be well,