Thursday, June 14, 2012

Earth Alive

Question: How do you feel part of the earth, the earth as alive? What rejuvenates you in this? 

Answer: When I think about how the Earth is alive, and how dream and revery take me out of my smallbuzzing brain into the larger aliveness, I think about a dream I had a long while ago that stays with me, about flying. In a way, the dream feels like earth aliveness in that it's like I'm in a bird body. I see starkly down into the land that's going by. I feel the air buoying my body and also whizzing past my beak. It's exhilarating. I am keenly aware of the trees, I see/sense their large green beings far out from their trunks and limbs. Also, my sense of "I"-ness is different than in my waking human body. It's almost as if when I put my attention to something, I go down into it, into its depth and also see/sense from its point of view. Every part of the aliveness has a different signature/feel/way of see/sensing. --I also get this feeling sometimes while gardening, tuning into a plant, I feel it's ?aura? ?energy body? ?present momentness?, also from its being, its aliveness/wholeness.-- In the fragment of the dream of flying, I go down to sit/sense/rest am in a large tree, inside of its greenness, both in body and in that feltsense extending beyond the tree body form. That's it, like many dreams, it's not a story, it's just a moment that stays, that felt sense, that different way of being. When I think of your question about how it feels to relate with the larger Earth, that's what arrives, these bird-being tree-present senses and feelings. In good, whole moments of waking, I also feel inklings of this. And when I arrive/arise/realize that's where I am, I feel renewed, deepened, fresh, alive. Something else, almost submerged, underneath, but that is tingling and alive, emerges. My senses widen. I know I am whole while also being dissolved/merged/thrummed/extended into everything else, and that too feels whole. 

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  1. Scooter, I am very moved by this poem. It reflects experiences opened to me during journey work and vision quests that are still alive to me though it has been years. I so appreciate your ability to put into words the ephemeral, delicate and so subtle experience of these transpersonal moments, especially as I struggle and grapple so much to do the same. Your success at it is encouraging and inspiring in addition to being an enlightening echo/embodiment/expression of my own understandings. Anyway, thank you.