Monday, June 25, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: write a song

For me, this article from wasn't eye-opening. When we talk about musicians who are also known as poets, who doesn't think of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell (misspelled in the article) and John Lennon. Jim Morrison called himself "American Poet," though my personal bent is much stronger toward Patti Smith (right) and Tom Waits.  But I have even greater attention these days for poet/musicians like Mark Growden and Paul McNees, among the many who are not as famous as their talent warrants.

Though not enlightening, I found the Writer's Relief article inspiring. It reminded me how adjacent the countries of poetry and music are and how extensive and blurred the border between.

This week, write a song. Consider submitting in audio format or with written notes about the sound and style of your song. And consider increasing the attention you give to the sounds of the words you choose.

[keywords: song, poem, your name]

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