Sunday, June 10, 2012

of & upon the 27 senses, Anna Blossom:


  1. Daniel -What an anthem! I look forward to hearing this read as a "pledge of allegiance" in 27th time of course.

    1. This takes off from Kurt Schwitters "An Anna Blume" and includes nods to all my faves: Oliver, Millay, Roethke, Yeats, Bukowki, Rumi and others

    2. Wow!

      Will come back to read a few times, I'm imagining. :-)

  2. I absolutely love how this sounds while reading it. Somehow I understand something of its meaning, but I barely can knowingly know how spiralling in that information lands, thus it lands!

    I love this verse, not sure why:
    Bounceboyinly you're my rooting dandelion greendeeper
    than I know during accidental dissection on purpose.

    And I'm partial to:

    My zigzags zig-zag under the redinfluence of your hair. :-)

    I'd like to read this aloud sometime, just to not read my own poem and to have fun reading aloud.