Thursday, June 28, 2012

I got time

I got time
A gospel call and response

[A lead singer leads the song and the chorus responds with echos or exclamations.
After the third verse, different singers improvise the lead vocal, and when everybody has had a turn
and the assembly is satisfied, the first two verses are repeated with a long ritardando at the end.
Chords are major I-IV-V-ii in familiar gospel style, played by everybody who has an instrument.
Dancing is encouraged.]

Oh, I got time.  (I got the time.)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time.)
Now, I got time (I got the time.)
To do what I love, (Do what you love!)
Do what I want, (What you want!)
Do what I need. (What you need!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time.)
I got time. (Hallelu!)

There was a time (Once was a time)
I didn’t see (Lord have mercy!)
That I had time (Yes, yes!)
Thought time had me. (Mm-mm!)
But gradually (Praise the Lord!)
I found I’m free, (Hallelujah!)
And I got time. (I got the time)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To read to my daughter
To drink a little water
To see a river otter
To read Harry Potter
To save a quarter
To drink some porter
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To do my study.
To see my buddy.
To get real muddy.
Even get bloody,
Go down in the floody
Play with Silly Putty.
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

To answer my mail
To wag my tail
Fix the hole in the pail
Eat dino-kale
Get hit by hail
Get old and frail
I got time. (I got the time!)
Yes, I got time. (I got the time!)

[This goes on for some time with different singers all taking turns at these listing verses 
wherein six lines all rhyme ending with the refrain “I got time…”
The lines should come rapidly, spontaneously, sloppily and joyously
in the surrendering spirit of improvisation.
More potential verses are shown toward the bottom of this post.]


  1. Hey Daniel ~ Kudos! I enjoyed this song! As I sang it (instead of reading it!) one of dogs I'm taking care of started getting excited and wagging his tail (even before the tail wagging part!) and perked up his ears! Ahh... I sang it to another beat in the background... lots of fun, playful, and yes it could go on and on, I could imagine along with you. Curious how you were thinking ritardando along with the full improvisational participation at the end, maybe the lead voice could be regained and then the ritardando, maybe even with a very sweet, insightful or super silly verse at the end. Anyway, just wondering along with you! :-)

    1. So glad this got your tail and the dog's tail wagging.
      That's the idea :)