Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ideas for Prompts

1. Three times three times three. Write a poem with the number "27" in the title. Enumerate or elaborate in striking terms, using lots of 3 letter words, or nine letter words, or even twenty-seven letter words. For example, Honorificabilitudinitatibus is the longest of Shakespeare's words and features alternating vowels and consonants...

2. Triangle world. What would a culture based three instead of two look like? What would a world inspired by triangles instead of the modern two-world of line, polarities and bifurcation be like?

3. Wallpaper. Select a wallpaper and write a poem as if you are living underneath the wallpaper or riffing on the print of it. Make sure some word related to wallpaper appears in the poem's title.

4. Secret doors in bookcases. Pick a wall in your home, a book case or shelf, and write a poem describing the life of the beings who come and go through the secret access door of that shelf, which actually slides back to reveal... what? Use concrete words and full senses to make it real for us...

5. Frenemies. Write a poem as if though addressed to your favorite "frenemy" - a person you intensely and viscerally react to but with whom you must get along. Simper you sycophant, and almost make us believe you really like us and like to keep us close.

6. Cloudsky 34. This is your poem's title. What is the poem?

7. Lawnmower sounds. Write a poem that describes an invention that takes all the sounds from lawnmowers and turns them into electrical energy for the grid. How would the world be different if there were no more sounds coming from lawnmowers? And/or what apparatus or consequences are involved in this innovation?

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