Friday, June 8, 2012

The Circle of Three


  Two       And there was Two      And

   was                                              there
Three                                           There was                                           Circle
   there                                              was

   And       Two was there And      Two



  1. I like this typographical play/interplay of math/geometry and words very much. It's interesting to read this in a circle and also left-to-right-top-to-bottom like a "regular" poem. Both readings have resonance. I wonder what this poem might look like in other fonts.

  2. Interestingly enough, this poem fits the "three times three times three" prompt, as there are exactly 27 words including the title. None of that was planned, as I had written down or maybe 'seen' this poem prior to Scooter posting her prompt ideas. Thanks Scooter!

    I felt there was some magic in the making as I realized this poem had a resonance with that prompt. Sure enough, when I counted (noticing the question in your last poem Scooter!) the words in the poem it = 27! I decided to change the prompt slightly and not put in '27' into the title, since it was such a perfect "ahhhh...." :-)