Monday, November 5, 2012

still point


  1. I really like this mandala, Janice. Fascinated by the fractal patterns, crossings and repetitions of words as line art.

  2. Thank you, Daniel, for your seeing and for sharing your comments. The 'writing' of this happened outside of linear time, such that there are no lines or it is of a non-linearity form, truly a fractal form, as you have recognized! The drawing was interesting, as it truly came post-prompt, the looseness of it yet the intentioned call to work with my protractor as an implement. I finally allowed myself to 'draw' it after the structure was set down by the protractor. It felt risky, but then and only then did the words have some match in frequency in the matrix of what we might call the drawing. These things already exist and then I am requested, in a way, to limn them. Do you ever have that feeling when you are 'writing'? Just wondering.