Friday, November 23, 2012

“TYM (Thank-You Machine)”


Down in the ground, deep
  underneath the green,
far below the magic
  of the spouting seeds,
in the hot, quick center
  of the everything:
the always-running, mother-loving 
     Thank-You Machine.

High in the sky, above the satellite screen,
past all of the stars all our lenses have seen,
in the still, chill outers of everything:
the ever-shining, atom-binding 
     Thank-You Machine.

   Gabba-gabba, wanna-wanna Thank-You Machine
   Jumblini, crumblini Thank-You Machine
   Hi-ho trailus, hoodoo-voodoo Thank-You Machine
   Boip-boip, woof-woof  Thank-You Machine

Around and surrounding the ripples of being,
into dimensions beyond seventeen,
of the holey, holy torus of the everything:
the inner turning, outer churning Thank-You Machine.

   Oh-pa, baba-re-ba Thank-You Machine
   Pachalafaka Thank-You Machine
   Electric Aunt Jemima with a Thank-You Machine
   Shoop-shoop, Yadda-yadda Thank-You Machine

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