Thursday, November 15, 2012

gauche gouache

gauche gouache

on the other hand I wear a silver bracelet,
with this hand (only)
I painted a gauche gouache
in blues & grey tints with hints of otherness,
a ring of chanting clerics surround an oceanic blow hole
& appear to march counter clockwise,
one lone cypress highlights the cliffside,
stiff still loons hover,
I used blinding white to color the  flash glint in the glasses of one of the holies,
I left out the angels & cherubs
& penciled in one starfish waving a sea palm.


  1. this sounds beautiful to my ear "J"

    thanks for the musicality and playfulness of imagery and languaging.

    much enjoyed!


  2. So engaging!
    Makes me delight in the speaker's choice to omit angels and cherubs in favor or a starfish. Also reminds me of the artwork of Diane Romaine