Tuesday, November 20, 2012

birthday poem

for daniel

i was going to write an amazing poem for you, 
but the alphabet t u m  b   l     e     d    a     w      a       y

in its place, 
a small seed from a passing bird fell down
in the space cleared by the missing alphabet

where the words weren't 
and the seed was
a worm nirbled up through the soil
and sluiced back down
carrying the seed into the earth

suddenly a leaf flew up (like bird wings)
and another
on a long rope of knotted trunk twine.
more leaves climbed up the rope of vine
looping up and up, 
and began to form whirls and q's
a kind of vegetative alphabet
a cacaphony of letters, a verdant hymn

suddenly it was a jungle, a forest, surging forth
from the vine sprout
from the seed passed by a bird
carried in the earth
in the space cleared by the missing alphabet

all of creation sprouted forth
so large and diverse an earth, 
then a moon slipped up the girth of the trunk
and was held by silver leaves
music from faeries came to life, lit
by this feral green moon, moist with birth and life
everything came out of that spot
as if nature inverted to make more of herself
in celebration of you

the earth made itself, the moon rose in celebration
of your birth, this earth, this day, this breath
and for that, certainly, we hear the faery
tympanum and lute, this song before words,
and after, 
this thanks


  1. I am so moved by this, scooter. Thank you. Thank you. I feel seen. I feel nirbled in all my letters. How I love Qs and faery tales. I was just writing, too, of the feeling of an external gratitude, a newish sensation for me, that it isn't just from me outward, but that the world is grateful to the expression called Daniel Fleischmann Ari. And of course for Scooter and all of us here and everywhere.

  2. Thank you for this Scooter. Delightful in so many ways..as I eat my lunch on this gorgeous rainy day..as i sit in my tiny office reading this.


  3. leafing out fabulously pouring forth effulgence opening opening inspired naked seeing being flourishing let it flow forth bring it on! enjoying it even now as the catalyzing fertility it is! LOVE to you all!