Monday, November 19, 2012

Laundry Girl ~ Eagle Child

Laundry Girl ruminates          "yes!...there is more to a dot than a line"
First ink stains the soft
curl of her fingers
looping L's  /  O's intact
Neatly housed characters
Hers is the breath I prosper the most
Of renewal
out of which comes wonder
leaving the last thought before this one behind
Re-visioning an inhalation  / Moving in real time
Right ( her true "left" )
tires easily / authentically
Opening up a counterworld of an off handed nature
Sweet Beast then struggling Titan unleashed 
arm outstretched for fruit from the Deva's trees
wedged within the spin of their heavenly realm
Eagle Child  keen
Vision and powerful flight
Places her gradual right hand in mine /  Her easy left limbers painless
What's slow is what's worth the time
Moving from writing pad to laundry pile
every detail of fabric, letter, texture, heat.

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