Sunday, November 11, 2012


    Once  u-pon  ==
and back in time %%% 
the missing heart of heartless was a crime +
the holytalk of heartland preached Un-KIND <#>

stirring empty 
the cuttings from the World Tree  Roo - ting } {  
the HOle in heart   jux---juxta-PO-sing *
       always flowering 
     never cowering 
and all the Makers Making  empowering
/// Just a vacancy
   not complacency  ///
what can and does reside in "GLORY BE" !

 chest a' pounding":":":":"
lungs atoning

And all the loaded art'ries rhy ~ ming !

hallowed  harkness((((
raving redness...
    the legendary lore of tend'rness.


  1. I'm hooked by this Rachel. I like seeing explorations wrapping visual and linguistic. Also attracted to your sense of play. A favorite line:

    chest a pounding":":":":"

    And like the notion of
    "what can and does reside in GLORY BE!"

  2. I got a glimpse of your visual stimulating and delightful poem while checking Google Reader... knew I'd need to come back to to thIS wHEN I could DROP IN! {{NOW}}} I also took the ride of this poem, which lovely nudges us out of the somewhat complacent relationship we have with written text, our brains having such a 'handle on' every word as text --so here, you invite the play for sure through your love of the visual. I thought of you the other day at the thrift store, finding cool hoodies and recalling your love of text/image on fire!

    I also get a feeling of the scraping and kneading, the stuff of art-making happening in your lovely virtual studio as you "write." :-)

  3. Thank you for filling my heart with "the cuttings from the World Tree Roo - ting } { "
    I really really needed that!
    This poem is evidence of poets as "all the Makers Making empowering"

    More please : )