Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prompt: Hymn of Hymns: Imunuri Carve Out - Ready, Set, Crow...

In this prompt, we create a third derivative poetry wave form. Vortex out!
Spark and sparkle, Carve Out!
Some Imunurian Poets in Portland vortexing out
of a spiral hand zhoom. Try it. August 2012.
Photo thanks to D. Copeland

First, Imunurians post poems.
Second, Imunurians and their friends and interactive poetry reading folk spark off lines from Imunuri posted poems to write new lines and swirl these together with the Imunuri poem lines in an interactive word play. We post two of these such poems here, collaboratively written in Portland on August 11 and 12, 2012.

Third, we will now "carve out" other poems from these latest symbioses. Post your carve- outs here as posts (for Imunuri poets) and comments on this prompt (for everyone who wants to frolic with us).

It's more than carving: we invite you to riff, bounce, sandblast, muse, reveal, reconnect, connect the dots, ride a pogo stick down the road not taken, whatever gives delight. Ready, set, crow...

PS - for extra fun, we have set links to the poems for the lines that came from Imunuri poems so you can have further tinder for your creative kindling!

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Extra points to those participating to post other pix

Group Collaborative Poem 1 – Bipartisan CafĂ© August 11th, 2012

I’ve got so much life in me, I can feel the earth closing in.
Oh, the TriMet Terror!
Beyond Euclid and his orthogonal existence,
Hold the seed within.
Sea, carry me through change.
I know me and I won’t go there.
Mile square park, monkey bars, and softball games.
Low pitched and rising in the throat to a sound between laughing and crying and something else.
Love was only amore. Until the baby came, j’adore.
I glance out back / at my budding summer garden / to discover the rain /
To send them off to the maker above with respect and love.
The colors that read rightly, even if they are wrong.
When I wake, discover what I’ve found.
Sugar peas, sweet peas, and runner beans beam gladness.
…and a stamp was created from that quake of bodies bending…
This is not an island of sires, witches, giants, storms. / This is a place, alone, to wait /
Intelligence, a bloodless victory
Far beyond a place unknown, a coffee milkshake and almond steamer are ready.

Try to smile, we dare ya. Imunuri Bringing Grins at Taborspace August 2012 (Photo thanks to D. Copeland)

Group Collaborative Poem - Taborspace – August 12th, 2012

Comfortless in my own skin
Soundly sleep dreams erupting
Swell skateboard spins skyward
My wisdom’s free
Heart drum solo,
As I learn to beat alone.
The dawning realizing, IT WAS ONLY A HALLUCINATION.
One time I dropped my writing nib, another time a nub of cheese
Frieze in time
Sink and sink
think and think
and sigh and sink.
I have so many dimensions
Moon cycles, circle of life
Turning, everlasting
The world, which is a woman, earthen, holy, /dynamic, nurturer, nest, cavern, wholeness
A hungry night owl bee / Pollinates the silver moon / Milk-weed flower, a galaxy
The best things fill S P A C E !
The sky swings its bat to hit out our shooting star.
My mother took us to this cool park where I (seen here) am playing on a stagecoach
Many times you pick up your fingers nibbing them to a nub.
What you see of me depends on who are you
When you meet someone, you never know when you will actually “meet” them…
Well, not the oldest one…he’s gained some weight.
Held in my hand
A black galaxy
It flew off,
A swallow
Are we not light, streams and beams rising out of the marrow, singing hope into the air?
And grows into a fabulous handle bar mustache that everyone wants to wear.

Source material:
Half the lines are from previous Imunuri poems [source noted in brackets]
Half the lines are generated by each person present, sparked by a randomly pulled previous Imunuri poem line.

These poems were spontaneously generated by the thirty+ people who attended two live poetry shows. 
Go, go, make more art!

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