Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are a collaborative remembrance

i can't rest!
I've been dancing a dance of density/ far beyond any rhythm or place unknown
When i start to sweat and tire, i discover what i've found;
the world which is a Woman...earthen / holy / dynamic
her island of nurture, nest and cavern
of sires and brave witches that fly together at dusk
the windy conditions that bring about delight
the cross-pollination of minds
her minds, our minds,  blowing through corridors and Wild open fields
kissing the flowering plants and food rich grains
the grass seeds fused to their ovaries
the tonguelike ligule at the junction of blade and sheath
her body of OVER-RESTED Grassland turned to sand
the lonely deserted Savannah
it's trampling, grazing, salivating, defecating herds ( millions gone )
their dust storm songs pitch clear words into Northern light
a blood pumping remembrance
of co-evolving collaboration; ANIMAL / GRASS / SOIL
the inseparable whole
it's dream is one of saving this World
which may be the most fearsome adventure yet!

thanks for the beautiful collaborative word collages, folks...brought much joy!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful and flabbergasting how the energy of group creation transmits through the words and the co-poeming project we did, to inspire this piece that glimmers and rings with the same vibrancy and energy. I think the pieces we wrote at the Portland events, loose and beatific as they are, inspire a similar unleashing, freeing, free-associating, and finally unifying poetic energy, impetus, idea. Hard to put this into words. I guess I'd say that I feel like this poem is very much with the spirit of the group poems from Portland and the way in which they share spirit illuminates the vibrant, exciting nature of the poems in a new way for me. My sense is clearer and deeper of how co-creating unleashes such powerful force: the words wander and ramble and gush and spark, but all coalesce like some Tesla language around these senses of interweaving, interplay, unifying, holy participating/participation. Blabbergabble! It's lovely!