Friday, August 3, 2012

Misread email subject line: We've Improved Cloud Prayer

Subject: S. Cascadia: We've Improved Cloud Prayer

Amazonian cloud prayer? 
what would it look like? would we be floating on clouds, 
and as clouds are prayers, praying? wielding and sharing 
prayer-rain across landscapes of empowered womyn. 
womyn. Womyn. Gargantuan giantesses, 
as the rain drops hit us/them, we/she/they/shey 
sprout instantly upwards, the cloud prayers activating
the Amazonian genes [/epigenetics], after 2 seconds,
already 10 feet tall
after another 7 seconds, 17 feet tall
after another 3 seconds, over 27 feet tall
our skin drinks in the cloud prayer rain
and we become green and polkadotted and furred
we carry quivers of blessings
we become moon walkers, kicking off
from neptune and venus 
into deep space, flying liberators, on space clouds
raining liberation to other planets

our fertile rain brings the three sisters to sprout 
on the moon: ancient squash, beans, and corns, thriving on Luna

we decide we'd like our cloud prayers to rain down 
galaxies, and reveries launch rainbow planets, purple stripe
zebra people and blue birds with hippopotamus bodies
frolic on magenta planets with tangerine oceans

we keep growing, from the cloud prayers, until 
we are each a big bang flower 
in a multiverse of organismic flourishing

yes, spreading the good news, we've improved cloud prayer

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