Thursday, August 30, 2012

if traveling

if traveling

tread water rather than sink
if too hot dive into water
if wet get wetter
if dry get wet
if cool warm up
if north go south
if south go west
if hungry eat fruit
if doubting believe
if anxious study breathing
if paranoid let the imagination run out
if calm continue
if up look up higher
if person near touch before talking
if you hear wind chimes write
if outside stay out
build a fire before freezing


  1. Ah...
    I like this very much. As a meditation, it makes me feel calm and content.

  2. beautiful and musical in a very satisfying way...many thanks.

  3. yes. more. yum.

    in the way that traveling (like dreaming) invites us to break our patterns, what other poem in this series, with different titles:
    if dreaming
    if flying
    if breathing

    thank you for the permission to change it up, to learn by sideways motion, to have a direction for any situation.