Thursday, February 16, 2012

Abecedarian: favored words

“I’m diving for large edible sea snails!”
“Ah, baloney.”

Shoot a blunderbuss
under a bumbershoot.

Caraway. Even as a young'un,
            I sensed the seeds of abandon.

For the rarest of what’s common,
I choose dandelion.

Embouchure was for fluting
            until I saw my baby nursing.

In Ferrocarril each RR rolls
            railroad rhythm.

Reckon it’s easier to admire gonzo
not knowing exactly what it is.

Heliofranticulating: nineteen letters
            on a body’s disequilibrium.

Ischia, suboptimally,
            come with a k sound.

Jujube, from Greek zizyphon,
shows that Zs grow into Js.

Likely you’ve heard of kookaburra
            and never heard a kookaburra.

Lambic is a fermented adjective,
            downed as a noun.

When Bert sang, “La-la-la-linoleum!”
            I imagined an opulent gazebo.

Sprouting open and shutting,
            the whole mouth loves mushroom.

Elements of beauty like nacre
            seem to deserve their specificity.

Favored words are disproportionately
onomatopoeic (yummy itself).

Stretch consciously before exercise
psoas not to strain.

I’ve laid a triple-scoring quiz in Scrabble,
but never corralled quixotic.

In poetry, rondeau from the French,
            in music, Italian, rondo.

Not still said: sockdolager (1820s, a blow)
and sploghm (1940, goodbye)

Onomotopeic scene: novelist narrating
a tête-à-tête on a typewriter

Beware the umberhulk—
            ape’s body with head like a beetle’s.

Always thought villains should
            pen villanelles in their villas.

What humans will anthropomorphize!
Will-o-the-wisps are ignited swamp farts.

Primeval xeriscapes
            had no name before 1985.

“The dressmaker makes dresses,
and her daughter’s full of yesses.”

Zettabyte’s theoretical in 2012,
when the Internet is reckoned in exa-.


  1. Frickin' A! Abecedarian! Now that I'm reading many of the poems I missed of yours while I 'went my own way' a while back, I'm amazed at them. Maybe your own chapbook (or actually anthology) is called for Daniel!? I also love the foundry poems earlier. I wish it was easier to comment on poems on our blog... it feels awkward to me after such slick social networking sites that I visit every now and then. :-) I'm so glad you are a prolific poet! I just need to become a prolific reader of your poems!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Janice. I am touched.