Monday, February 13, 2012

3am (dream orbits)

when i am upside down

from where the world is at 3pm

(which happens daily, circa 3am)

i am in another world,

flying under earth.

perhaps that's why the

dreams come,

to help me cling to

earth, which

spinning at more

than 700

miles per hour

is a mix of centrifuge and concaviting vortex:

that's why the dreams come

from gravity's hurricane,

earth flying.

who needs a broom?

the speed heaves neurons hithering


the other day i was upside down

on the earth dreaming

maybe that's why there's so often rivers

waters flows, it's the residual of

the air surrounding earth whooshing

in my head

my friend says gravity

is the earth's love for us

holding us close - the earth

lets go of me at night,

swaying under

each night

a dream inversion

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