Monday, February 13, 2012

Prompt: Beloved Wor(l)d

"I heart earth" ... I was fascinated by the word Egypt as a child because it had 3 letters in a row that went below the line. The word sycophantic sounded like a delicacy. I was enamored with the meaning of ebullient. Write a poem about wordlove, yours or someone else's.

If you like, spark off this Ferruso painting, weighing (a la the Goddess Maat) the heft of our heart depths to a feather breath of wind, during this season when springs open up our hearts after long dark. What is the measure of our favored word? What is its value at the scales of meaning? How does it materialize in us?

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Image credit: From the 2011 Eclectix Interview with Ewelina Ferruso Koszykowski, Painting entitled "Heart as Light as a Feather"

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