Sunday, September 29, 2013


Jade  East ( dresses so spiffy)
Dew West (slippery when wet)

     Wound up together

laid up
under wraps
& restraints
in St. James Infirmary

( a pastel framed on the ward wall
displays a water tower riddled
w/bullet holes
pouring blood out into a watering can on wheels)

T.V ever on channel 2
anti-bodies flow through tubes into both characters,
trying to quell big diseases
but the medicine of man
is not strong enough
to dress Jade down
nor dry Dew West out
nor stop the screams along  hospital halls
nor still the sirens wail
as remote ( like 12 thousand miles away)
circle villages

hunting for bad guys ( who pray five times daily)


  1. With thanks to my writing teacher Daniel for letting me know this poem was finished