Wednesday, September 4, 2013

butterfly swarmsong for humans

butterfly swarmsong for human(s)

{{don't think of it as one voice}}

                                             {{more sibiliant, sussurating
                              a way the air moves from our wings}}

               {{"voice of earth" a speciesist projection}}
{{what strange voicemath from a species who thinks
each one of them is separate}}

                              {{iwe pray for you(all)(each)(all) at times
               while slirpslipgiddying 
                                             on the mothertrees}}

                                             {{this prayer}}
                              {{may you feel the sweet embrace (nectar bellied from
               so many flowerbeings) withoutquestion of your belonging
                              amongst so many sistren wingeds}}
                                             {{embedded in the great mosaic, the tender
                              touch of trunk to leg and hand}}{{the whisper of jubilant
                                             feather bodies warmfluttering as the waterair comes}}
                              {{feeling certain of your direction as youtheyall fly in 
               ancient grooves to eldergroves, 
                                                            knowing with ancestral certainty
                              this is the way to peace,}} {{this is the way
togetherness. to neverbelost, always clear, lifted, companioned
               gentled and provisioned by starbursts of sweet
                              delight, to flit-arc trajectories of wholeness: this}}{{is the 
                                             way, calliopesong of sunrise, 
                                                            of moon}}{[this is the way, peace}}
                                                                           {{this is the way home}}

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  1. Scooter, I'm so moved by the transcendent-beyond-written-language aspects of your recent posts *(actually going back quite a ways). This I can hear in my head as soundscape, a collaboration with Amy X. Neuburg for example ( (though she can be quite jangly...)

    I love the word "neverbelost"
    I puzzled enjoyably over "youtheyall" reading it as youth-e-ya'll for a while.

    I think your set up to the poem is handled quite gracefully and articulately (calling it a "speciesist projection" felt just right.
    Oh--voicemath! What a great word!