Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Update, Catching Up, Catching Down, Downdate

What is a poem and not a poem? I'd say life as it unfolds and furls. 
I've been absent from posting of late. What has corresponded with
this time is a non-working computer. Well, it's now working and
logging in poetry has returned with it. I just posted a poem on my 
blog site, Contemplative Fire, only to realize it was a poem from 
the Meander prompt from back in July:

It's called Laid Open ~

Please take a read, if you wish and perhaps some other prompts
will come through, bleed through, show up into the current flows. 

Nice to be back,


  1. Welcome back Janice. I look forward to your poetry again. - J

  2. Thanks *J*! So great to see you yesterday and thanks for taking the extra steps to comment again!