Saturday, September 14, 2013

Song of Earth Refulgent

(Plantzilla poem form: Scooter's "plants songs of earth arise" intermixed with Whitman's "Song of the Rolling Earth")

because we are all one being,
A song of the rolling earth, and of words according,

as we are all one being,
Were you thinking that those were the words, those upright lines?
those curves, angles, dots?
No, those are not the words, the substantial words are in the ground

are hummingbirds mitochondria, brimming with life,
They are in the air, they are in you.

we are layers and heaps of life on life making new living
The workmanship of souls is by those inaudible words of the earth,

these organza and burgundy velvet layers of life on life, like flowing living altars
Amelioration is one of the earth's words,

piled high with the most exquisitely beautiful variety of things
The earth neither lags nor hastens,
It has all attributes, growths, effects, latent in itself from the jump,

…who cannot write every poem as a praise song to creation, to life,
The earth does not withhold, it is generous enough,

to evolution unfurling? How cannot each in breath or out breath also say:
The truths of the earth continually wait, they are not so conceal'd either,

Russian kale, black quinoa, amaranth arms upraising; blue corn
They are calm, subtle, untransmissible by print,

Artemisia, clematis, clary sage sturdy trumpets unfurling tongues of scent,
They are imbued through all things conveying themselves willingly,

Round nasturtiums glutted on soil so rich each leaf is as big as my palm
Conveying a sentiment and invitation, I utter and utter…

We try the attemptless, matchless activity of visualizing Life
I swear the earth shall surely be complete to him or her who shall
be complete
And arrive at plant and animal snaked two and four legged creatures, winged
Because that is who we are, and that is wonderful
The earth remains jagged and broken only to him or her who remains
jagged and broken.

But the Earth, capital E, is so much huger than this, on such a different scale,
I swear there is no greatness or power that does not emulate those
of the earth,

immortal on the scale of billions of years
There can be no theory of any account unless it corroborate the
theory of the earth,

beyond our own droplet of consciousness momentarily
raised from this river of Life.
No politics, song, religion, behavior, or what not, is of account,
unless it compare with the amplitude of the earth,
Unless it face the exactness, vitality, impartiality, rectitude of
the earth.

She/It will persevere after the cleansing waters released by her
            I swear I begin to see love with sweeter spasms than that which
responds love,

to detoxify the current poisons have washed away our buildings, and—sadly—our grandchildren. She-It will persist and thrive beyond our reckoning, though our form of worship and praise has been in places inadequate to the beautiful offerings life has made with us,
It is that which contains itself, which never invites and never refuses.

compañera praisesongs momentarily raised, unfurling, then composting, each species, some untimely quenched by the poisonmaker greed
Of a culture and time too late coming clear to the incompleteness of our vision and the scale of our folly.
All merges toward the presentation of the unspoken meanings of the earth,

But a longer faith breathes me, knowing the freshness of time, of She-It-Earth, four billion years young.
Say on, sayers! sing on, singers!
Delve! mould! pile the words of the earth!
Work on, age after age, nothing is to be lost,
It may have to wait long, but it will certainly come in use,
…You shall be fully glorified in them.

So nimble, lithe, creative.
Of the interminable sisters,
Of the ceaseless cotillions of sisters,
Of the centripetal and centrifugal sisters, the elder and younger sisters,
The beautiful sister we know dances on…
Able to hibernate for 100 million years of rebirth. Able to boil oceans to get a bath.
So many sistren solar systems, galaxies, and universes await.
The beautiful sister we know dances on …

Plantzilla form Poem Notes:

July 10, 2009 Some lines from “plant songs of earth arise” by Scooter Cascadia (previously published, excerpted in Groundswell: We'Moon 2011: Gaian Rhythms for Womyn, p. 34.)

mixed with

Some lines from Walt Whitman’s “Song of the Rolling Earth”, (available here: ) which I first or at least re-encountered this week, September 2013


  1. This hybrid poem/prayer/wordplay reaches into the place in me that is dis-heartened.
    The phrases call to each other in a way that puts a mirror to my heart/mind.
    Complementing activism with quietism.
    Balancing a "load."
    Diverting the focus from what's ailing precious Earth to what's eternally and indestructibly true, integral, unshakable...
    Your slow dance with Walt Whitman...slowing down my thoughts.


  2. I second what Rachel says.
    Having just returned from a visionquest with heavy world worry after reading (some of) Devil's Tango by Cecile Pineda,
    and come to similar sad, solid, glad truth.
    I feel this poem as such a sweet praise and prayer and hear it in my mind as the call and response of a large congregation. Aho Amen Blessed Be