Thursday, September 5, 2013

Old World Worship

“Is this the baseline, living, living at last, without all of civilization’s tortured overlay?” —Cecile Pineda

The idiom “down with something”
means bring it literally or
symbolically closer to earth,
that is, exalt it with honor.
Revere it beside or within

this precious ground that we are born
to pass upon. Down with our dreams.
Down with the cornucopias
that grace the tables in our homes.
Down with our lives. Down with our deaths.

Up with the zeal that cuts atoms!
Up with spur-and-bridle fever!
Down with resting uranium!
Ionosphere take those monsters
of bodiless information!

Holy is the altar herself,
this flesh of Gaia—down with Her!


  1. I know, someone needs to say it, I am down with this poem : )

    Let the outmoded sky god cults reorient to the gravely roundly spinning sphere that makes us whole and deeply, downly keeps us here.