Tuesday, September 4, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: First Thoughts

by Lauren Ari
1st, I M U N U R I just have to say: we're awesome.

What an amazing group of poems this past week, and what astonishing source material, the honey from a beehive of poetic energy in a state-crossing, transpersonal, poet-and-non-poet hive of Let's Do This.

As we've breeze by our two-year anniversary of poeming together, I M U N U R I think it's sweet to note how lovely the endeavor continues to be.

This Week's Prompt:

Tonight, put a piece of paper and a pen beside your bed.

When you wake up, write down your first thought.
Just a word or an image. Maybe it's barely legible as you reach over to fumble for the pen and scratch out the letters.

Before you arise, send your sensing spirit back into your pre-waking state for any stray thoughts it might find there.

Jot down anything you find. Maybe you'll catch phrases or images, maybe words, maybe just isolated syllables or letters.

Later in the day, revisit these pieces and spin them into a poem.

The poem could be related to the original context of your dreams, of waking, of starting the day—or the poem could be about something completely different.

keywords: waking, poem, your tag

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