Monday, September 24, 2012

"Art Witticism" in poetic form

I was recently asked,  in a piece of qualitative research, to respond to this piece of art with art criticism. I learned about concepts such as shape, form, and focal point (which seemed to mostly miss the point of feeling, passion, presence, and action). Instead of only critique, attack, and the usual rhetoric of domination,

Let's Write a poem of "art witticism" - riffing off a piece of art and where it leads us. 

You can riff on one of these pieces of art, or whatever piece of art you like. Please include an image if you go farther afield to provide us context. This is not just ekphrasis, feel welcome to wander loosely and let your neural circuits take a jaunt!

Keywords: art-wit, poem, [poet's moniker]

Above right, Don Ray, "Blue Laced Red Wyandott," 2008

Joe Magnum, Sand Painting, 2012

Or pick one of the images from the Chianciano Art Gallery Preview "Art of the Mind" 2012

Or perhaps some street art from Street Art Utopia...

Have fun, and maintain a sense of the possible!

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