Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Tails

Steady ground of multitudinous paws
with limitless capacity to reflect
I gaze through dog windows seeing
laying  there aspects of my self
true and false  whole as well as partial
muddied then still and clear
what a day of five tails telling
what might not otherwise be seen

a) Attentive
foundling shaped coddled softened
from the inside out Mystic Eye of
the Beholder tender and fierce
at times rapidly interchanging
hesitant yet braised in a longing
contained by eons of shadowing
supplicant of the human heart
when opened  vastly free

b) Bounding
naked nighttime new moon confab
juxtaposes playful boundless reverie
extremes of pursuit and contentment
don’t tie me down but keep me close
tender toothed kisses unfettered affection
I see my own innocence here glowing
even with misunderstandings speculation
and day rises again the bright clear sun

c) Chivalrous
the heart that opens deeply softly
eyes eyes eyes seeing watching tasting
putting all aside ready to desire delight
transparency confluence of many worlds
easy traveler buoyant riding over surface
and depth his role clear certain allowing
leave it in his hands but paws and nose
return again and again ever welcoming

d) Dear
unsettled bashfully brazen welcoming
committee of one of anything needing
alerting exuberantly caught in her own skin
and grace melting icebergs in her sleep
where all previous proclivities disperse
just give me something soft to curl onto
something to gaze into calm me full
in these simple yet abiding nourishings

w) Exceptionally
no other steps in here in This Way
fraught with complexity and oh so
vulnerable would it could it be seen
only only only ready ready steady
bound within an unspoken allegiance
being everything and plus some to His
and yet what has been asked is more
than some could bear this bare note
• • •
And five tails told but only wagging
can tell what more is to be seen
dog windows to the soul of so many
internal worlds open space off leash


  1. I'm amazed and moved by this poem. As I read, the face of my dog is there, her body, curling and bounding and aging, now gray in her muzzle, being bathed, morning licks, her understanding of our family, and all the layers of understanding, conjecture, projection, etc. But fundamentally, a bond that's purely emotion and spirit. You've taken quite a nice picture of the subtle interrelation, Janice.

  2. dear Daniel,
    Thank you, as always, for your comments. Ah yes, I'm remembering your 'dog window' poem just last week or so! I've been writing this poem for some time, waiting for that fifth dog soul to speak up... Now I want to re-read the poem on Bella, which I did so enjoy...
    What I love about the dog window is the non-verbal element that you so fabulously captured in unique onomatopoeias! (phew, that word, had to look it up!) And yes, I didn't quite include the piece about the animal's understanding of me... wow, that piece I will tune in with some more... Daniel, so appreciate you, this forum, even when I come here intermittently at times (especially my making of comments!) Thank you.

  3. Janice, so beautifulleee written..a word massage for the spirit! tender wordswomanship...Thank-you!

    love, Rachel